Make Learning a Habit:

"I am too busy, and I do not have time to learn." A comment that I often hear from people.

If you want to keep growing, making learning a habit is crucial. How does the learning habit get formed?

An adult learner is in charge of what they know. They define the rules of how and when they learn.

Image courtesy: Tim Mossholder from Unsplash

  1. Build learning into your daily routine:

    Integrating learning into your daily routine is a good beginning. One way I have built learning into my daily system is 30 minutes of new learning every day. I generally plan what I want to learn – could be a piece of new knowledge, skill or ability.

    One significant advantage I see in creating this "Learning time" is I am not afraid of change. I see any new person, a new system or a situation as learning.
  2. Flexibility in learning content :

    Mixing up what you learn can make you a flexible learner and thinker. Learning technical knowledge or skills and alternating it with personal development skills can keep you interested in learning.
  3. Learn in different ways:

    Another immense flexibility that I have gained over the years is how I learn. Since I love reading, I believed that I could learn more through reading. Exploring other ways of learning like watching videos, audiobooks, and podcasts have broadened my perspective.

Becoming a lifelong learner is a lot easier than what many people think. Integrating it with your daily life instead of doing it once in a while can make learning enjoyable and permanent.

NLP Transformation Coach, Neoway Certified Accelerated Learning Skills Coach, passionate about enabling students become independent and empowered learners.